After reading the sense of the Notre Dame de Paris_巴黎圣母院读后感英

作者:暮煖 时间:2017-01-25

After reading the sense of the Notre Dame de Paris_巴黎圣母院读后感英语作文150字

These days,I have read a classic book named Notre Dame de Paris.It's such a fascinating story that I even couldn't put it down.

Victor Hugo——a famous writer lived in France had written it.He was a famous French poet and novelist in nineteeth century.This novel has attracted the attention of a publication.It told a story about a beautiful girl named Esmeralda.She was such a kind-heart person but at last,she died a miserable death.So many people appreciated the girl who was brave enough for her love.

I suggest you to read this book.And finally,you can find a different world!


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